How To Spot 3 Common Online Life Insurance Scams

How To Spot 3 Common Online Life Insurance Scams

Email, text messages, and social media advertisements with similar prompts have become common. With digital transactions and banking becoming more common, most people buy insurance policies online. This has given rise to phishing, vishing, and data scams. Online life insurance scams put your personal and financial data at risk of theft.

In this blog post, Daniel Fabulic Insurance Agency will discuss some of the most common online life insurance scams and how you can spot them.

Email scam:

Someone appearing to be from a life insurance agency may send you an unsolicited email. When a scammer uses email to gain additional information about you to conduct fraud, this is known as a phishing scam. They might say there’s a problem with your policy or that you’re a beneficiary of a life insurance payout. Because emails might appear sophisticated, be cautious if you’re urged to click on any links, as this could undermine the security of your device.

Text message scam:

Another unpleasant scam involves scammers pretending to be from a life insurance agency and sending notifications via SMS (short messaging service). The victims are then taken to a website where they are requested to enter their bank account information, reveal their password, or open an attachment. These life insurance scams are known as smishing, a blend of SMS and phishing.

Telephone or call scam:

You should be cautious if you receive a cold call from someone pretending to be from a life insurance agency. ‘Vishing,’ a mix of ‘voice’ and ‘phishing,’ is when fraudsters call you on the phone to get your personal information. They may use this information to make you believe they’re phoning from a legitimate life insurance firm to fool you into clicking on a link in an email or disclosing personal information such as your passwords or PIN.

How to Spot a Scam on Life Insurance:

Scams can vary from simple deception to highly complex criminal activity. While distinguishing between genuine and fraudulent contacts isn’t always easy, several telltale indicators might help you spot the various methods used by life insurance fraudsters.

If you receive a call from someone claiming to be from a life insurance firm and they are unable to offer you proof of their identity, be cautious. They could give you a bargain that seems too good to be true, or they might say your policy needs to be evaluated. It’s time to hang up the phone if the caller starts demanding personal or financial information.

You might look up the number on the internet to check whether it belongs to a legitimate insurance company, but remember that scammers sometimes use fake web pages to make their claims credible. Look for any signs that the site is a scam in the domain name.

A suspected scam email or SMS may have spelling errors and invite you to click on a link and provide your financial information, which you should never do. You may expand the window in your email to view the sender’s complete address, which might help you determine if it’s a legitimate firm account.


Online Scams involving life insurance can jeopardize your money and possibly your identity. Fortunately, using common sense may help you stay safe.

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